Soap Queen

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What You’ll Need:

4 oz. Suspending Nail Polish Base

Gold Sparkle Mica

Apricot Blush Mica

Bronze Mica

Three 8 mL Nail Polish Bottles

Mixing Balls

Mini Scoops

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ONE: Start by putting a mixing ball in each bottle. Don’t forget this part! The mixing ball is how you’ll mix the mica into the polish base, as well as keep the polish fluid.

TWO: Carefully fill the bottle with base until you reach the shoulder of the bottle. You can freehand the pour or use a tiny funnel.

THREE: Use a mini scoops to add 2 scoops of Gold Sparkle Mica, 1 scoop of Apricot Blush Mia and 1 scoop of Bronze Mica.

FOUR: Insert the brush and then screw the black cap tightly over the top. Now shake, shake, shake! It may take a few minutes of vigorous shaking to fully disperse the mica into the base.

Your nail polish is ready to use!


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