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This easy to make Olive Oil and Dead Sea Salt Scrub uses ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen! Great for the legs and body, this recipe uses the Neroli and Shea Blossom Fragrance Oil, which is a great scent for summer. 

What you Need:

  • 16 oz. Fine Grained Dead Sea Salt
  • 6 oz. Pure Olive Oil
  • 5 ml Neroli & Shea Blossom Fragrance Oil
  • 8 oz. Glass Bail Jar (2 jars)
  • Droppers (10 droppers)

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ONE: In a large bowl, mix together the olive oil and fine grained dead seal salt until combined.
TWO: Add Neroli & Shea Blossom Fragrance Oil, and stir to thoroughly combine.
THREE: Transfer scrub into bail jars, and seal jars to close.
*Note: When using scrub take caution, the oil can make the bottom of your shower a little slippery!